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Explore our scientifically-validated measures of brain health

Your brain report will show your performance in three important cognitive domains: short-term memory, reasoning and verbal ability. But we didn't just make these up because they sound good. They are a result of the largest online intelligence study ever conducted, which used BrainLabs tests and involved 45,000 people!

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These are real snapshots of the brain gathered from
over 10,000 brain imaging studies!

  • Short-Term Memory

    Your ability to actively hold and recall a piece of information in your brain – like remembering where you left your wallet or keys.

  • Verbal Ability

    Your ability to produce and understand verbal information – like articulating your thoughts in an important meeting or conversation.

  • Reasoning

    Your ability to manipulate information according to logical rules that enable you to make good decisions – like weighing your options when making an important purchase.

Develop healthy habits for a healthy brain

So you have trends, and that’s pretty awesome. But what’s driving the peaks and valleys? Enter, Insights. With Insights, you’ll see how your brain function changes with your daily routine, so you can develop healthier habits that enable you to be at your best every day.

Get bite-sized, actionable insights by consistently tracking the habits that matter most:

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